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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

With a new embroidery machine in hand

I strongly suspect I was sold a refurbished embroider machine. It finally gave up its ghost last week after a long long life of four months. Of the manufacturer and the two businesses involved in its purchase- each pointed the finger of blame at another. I finally got fed up and Replaced it.

I had no idea just how Bad I had it before I brought my wonderful machine home! This one doesn't rattle! This one doesn't eat thread like candy! This one actually gets an embroidery design done! This one is 100% Brand new! I couldn't be happier.

With that being said- I am VERY Excited to be able to offer machine embroidery and monogramming. YES! I do custom items.

Here's a peek:

Whats going on in my corner of the world:

After a nightmare of epic proportions with my Janome embroidery machine, I have decided to replace it with a new one. This means I am back in the embroidery and monogramming business. I can serve all your needs- be it monogram, pretty embroidery or an array of premade items. I have primarily been concentrating on the guest hand/kitchen bathroom towels. However- I can personalize most anything- just ask.
I have been making a lot of chevron items lately. Right now I am sloooooowly working on a chevron apron in yellow. I have a blue and yellow one ready to go, I just have to photo and upload the listing.
I fear I have become a fabric hoarder- I am seriously running out of things to tell my fabric cutters that I am making with what I buy. Being surrounded by plentiful supplies makes me happy.
And my true love- vintage! I found some of the most gorgeous rose floral fabric- in both pink AND blue last time I was vintage shopping. Unfortunately for me, vintage bedding has become "hot" to have and it is getting harder and harder to find.
Please remember- I can do custom orders, If you don't see something you love- just ask me and I am SURE I can make it for you. Don't forget to check out my Etsy shop here: And please, come visit me on facebook: Http://
Have a most wonderful week!
<3 Beasewn

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aprons Aprons Everywhere

I spent a GREAT part of last year making aprons- then for some reason I just up and quit. Maybe it was I wasn't selling anything on etsy? Maybe it was I made eighty thousand other things? Maybe I just got saturated? But now that I haven't made any in a long time, they are suddenly in demand again. I have been playing around with new designs and have done and have a few upcoming custom orders.
Check them out
                                This is a batik apron I just did for a customer of mine:
Attached Dish Towel:
               And here are a few lovelies I have lying around crying for a new home:
                                                                 Buy yours Here

Monday, March 11, 2013

ALL the time.

Wanting to do too much, and not getting any of it done

Just a rainy Monday rant:
I wake up every single morning wanting to do IT All! I think it out, I plan it out and then I do not know where to begin. I wind up sitting around reading the news, or smash booking instead.
Right now there are no less than five projects I want to tackle. Potato bags, a new apron, embroidered towels, cutting up and creating from some new vintage, pocket tshirts and elastic skirts. What do I get accomplished? Nothing much at all.
I have a very nice fabric hoard but when I go to break into it, I get worried I will run out and then I don't use it or use one I have a ton of. I worry that my stuff is just not awesome enough, I worry that my fabulous sewing room doesn't measure up. It doesn't make for a very happy day in the Beasewn labs.
Not to say I am not getting anything at all done. I am making a series of embroidered floral towels as I type.
What I need is a good weekly plan, and the determination to stick to it. Today? I will concentrate on towels. Tomorrow Aprons...I just wish I could figure out how to do it.
Then I see people selling the hot snot out of the things they are making. I could stock a store with all the items I have made. Its not very confidence building.
I always wanted a fabulous sewing room as well. I can say I have one. Pinterest will be my complete downfall. I see a room there, and I want mine to look like those. I see storage and I love it.
So with that all being said and my grouches out in the open-
How do you deal with getting everything in order and organized for the week?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pocket Tees

I see these everywhere. Naturally the question that came to me was---can I do this? YES!
I have changed them up a bit. I am offering one initial or plain, Chevron or Floral. Here's  a look.



I have been collecting roosters my entire adult life. Naturally when I got an embroidery machine, I began looking for roosters to design....
Here we are. The first in my set of Rooster Designs. 
I will have these with better photos up in my Etsy store this week.