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Monday, April 23, 2012

How to create a very nice sewing room on a budget

When I decided to devote myself full time to sewing, I realized I needed a sewing room. As luck would have it, I had a formal living room in my new house that I was not using. With that realized, I had to figure out how to make it functional. My wonderful husband gifted me with a very nice sewing machine and sewing machine table for my birthday, but I still had the issue of storage. This bakers rack was a castoff from a friend years ago. Perfect Fabric Storage.The Black bins were purchased for 1.50 each, and are perfect for fabric used for lining. The large plastic bins were purchased at the dollar tree- perfect again for storing my patterns. Total Investment(minus fabric) $11.00
This is one of a pair of chairs I salvaged from my mothers basement. Pictures were already in my possession or purchased again from the dollar tree. The bins make perfect odds and end storage- and at $1.00 each, you can't beat them. Total sewing machine area investment $10.00
This cutting table was salvaged from my grandmothers estate. I spent $6.00 for risers to make it waist high. The storage bins were purchased at walmart for $4.50 and the fabric storage rack is a $6.00 shoe rack. The pictures were either salvaged or purchased for little cost from Old Time Pottery.
This area was my original $50 sewing machine. The storage rack it is on was $10 at lowes, and the plastic bins were $1.00 each. The cabinet was a "freebie" when the house was purchased and the 3 drawer storage was $8.00. Total investment 18.00
So, In Closing, it is very possible to create your own sewing space on a budget. Be Creative. I am totally functional, with plenty of storage space and a total investment out of pocket of less than $75.00(we aren't counting the gift sewing machine and table).

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