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Monday, March 11, 2013

Wanting to do too much, and not getting any of it done

Just a rainy Monday rant:
I wake up every single morning wanting to do IT All! I think it out, I plan it out and then I do not know where to begin. I wind up sitting around reading the news, or smash booking instead.
Right now there are no less than five projects I want to tackle. Potato bags, a new apron, embroidered towels, cutting up and creating from some new vintage, pocket tshirts and elastic skirts. What do I get accomplished? Nothing much at all.
I have a very nice fabric hoard but when I go to break into it, I get worried I will run out and then I don't use it or use one I have a ton of. I worry that my stuff is just not awesome enough, I worry that my fabulous sewing room doesn't measure up. It doesn't make for a very happy day in the Beasewn labs.
Not to say I am not getting anything at all done. I am making a series of embroidered floral towels as I type.
What I need is a good weekly plan, and the determination to stick to it. Today? I will concentrate on towels. Tomorrow Aprons...I just wish I could figure out how to do it.
Then I see people selling the hot snot out of the things they are making. I could stock a store with all the items I have made. Its not very confidence building.
I always wanted a fabulous sewing room as well. I can say I have one. Pinterest will be my complete downfall. I see a room there, and I want mine to look like those. I see storage and I love it.
So with that all being said and my grouches out in the open-
How do you deal with getting everything in order and organized for the week?


  1. I have the same problem. I get too stagnant in my work (particularly making patterns) because I get all, "I want to make a sea otter and a harbor seal and a gryphon and Buddha and a walrus and King Arthur and... MAKE ALL THE THINGS." So nothing gets done.

  2. I am making the towels, I have pockets cut out to make..and am completely overwhelmed because I can't concentrate on just one project.

  3. Hi, Some call this artists block. When this happens to me I start working on one thing and focus all my attention there. This trains the mind in mindfulness. Just keep after it and it will start to become a habit.Everyday my shop gets filled with leather scraps and more. This is just part of having my own business I get to the mess when I can. I does become frustrating. I think when you see a picture of a shop that is looking perfect it either means that they aren't using it much of they cleaned it up for a picture pose. Your blog is very beautiful. Have a great day!

  4. I forever clean my room up before photos! If someone saw a good days work mess I would be embarrassed.
    I just took a week long mental health break out of this armpit of a state we live in and once I give myself today to rest---its on.
    I have all this fabric, and all these ideas and I don't know what I want to do first. I want to get back into my aprons. That's top priority this second.