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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Compliments of my father and storage solutions revisited

As it goes, the three men in my life(my daddy,my husband and my son) are fairly amazing, and I am lucky to have them in my life.
My Dad is a contractor and woodworker by trade. I mentioned in passing that I would love to have a solution for ribbon storage. I expected a small shelf with a dowel in it.
He called me yesterday afternoon to tell me he had something for me, and I was blown away by just what it was. Ribbon storage,and real storage. Very cool in itself,but what makes it special is my Dad made it just for me, and I cherish it. Is it NOT amazing?

On one of my fabric seeking trips, I found an old spice rack. PERFECT for little ribbons.
Today, I am feeling very organized. I finally have what I need,where I need it. No more baskets and shoe racks all over the place. It feels very peaceful and conductive to work in here. A very cozy little nest, and I can look at it all, and say one of my men got this for me. My husband is the one who got me the sewing machine that began this whole journey. I am a happy woman on this day :) 

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