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Friday, June 29, 2012

Spreading the love- aWRISTocrats

I am not a jeweler. I played with beads for years, but I finally had to admit, while lovely,I didn't have the knack to make them long lasting. I admire artists who can and do make jewelry. 
Our Etsy teams have some wonderful artists. In the sea of everything there,sometimes its easy to get frustrated.I want to bring to your attention one of our Team Handmade members. 
 Delia from aWRISTocrats creates beautiful beaded jewelry. She is from Pittsburgh Pa.Go,Show her some love :)
This is my favorite item of hers:
 About Delia: 
My jewelry is simple and harkens back to the day when things were easy going and slower moving. There are not a lot of dangles and baubles hanging on the bracelets and the earrings are also simple. Just elegant, dainty and easy to wear all the time! 

When you need a gift for a friend for their birthday or as a thank you or just a gift to tell someone you're thinking of them, this is the place to shop. At aWRISTocrats you can purchase a beautiful bracelet, earrings or a ring for just that special occasion.

I've been crafting since I was young. My grandmother, mother, sister and I are all crafters. I've been creating and selling greeting cards for many years and have just in the past five years started beading. As a kindergarten teacher, I always had an exciting craft project for the kids to make which parents loved to get. 

Beading has become great fun for me. I love shopping for beads. When I first started beading, I bought the cheap, acrylic kind. Now I tend to go for natural stone and Swarovski crystals and Czech glass. These items give a rich look and feel to my bracelets and jewelry. Unfortunately silver and gold have gone up in price so much that it sometimes becomes cost prohibitive to use, but I try to use it as often as I can. Gold and silver plated are an excellent way to still have quality jewelry without paying the high prices of precious metal. 

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