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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rag yarn has so many possibilities.

Occasionally, I purchase a vintage sheet and find out that it is just not what I am looking for to create a project. Sylvie from Albina Rose suggested making rag yarn out of it.
So I made some.

The possibilities of rag yarn are just endless. I am using Sylvie as an example because she is a rag yarn genius.
She created this gorgeous blue rag rug ,these amazing rag rug baskets, and a creation all her own I am in love with...rag cuff bracelets

All of my rag yarn is spiral torn, This means it is all one long piece. Go ahead and take a peek  
The possibilities of what you can do are endless.

Sometimes it has many purposes. I used this one to make tea towels from.
And I had plenty left over to make rag yarn
A few links...
Craftaholics anonymous has a tutorial to get you started on your own rag rug
Ehow teaches you how to make a bowl here
And Craftbits has all kinds of tutorials here

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