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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Let's talk vintage linens

Why do I use vintage linens you ask?
I knew when I set out to become a seamstress(apparently that's the word,I prefer "decided to start sewing") I wanted something different. I don't shun the bolts of fabric at hobby lobby, Joann and Hancock, but I wanted to find something that stood out and was gorgeous to play with. 
With that being said: I am forever poring over history books,dragging my family to museums and generally being in love with old things. My natural progression was to go out and find old fabric to use to make what I was sewing.
I love the rush of going out and "rescuing" vintage linens. The patterns and colors and variety are just amazing. I can't wait to get them home and start playing around with them and turning them into something fabulous. Sometimes I see one and remember my grandmother having the same sheet. Sometimes I remember seeing it when I was a child. ALWAYS I fall in love with it. 
One day I was cutting out fabric for an apron and I just happened to catch the end of the sheet I was using. This is where the idea for my vintage linen tea towels came from. I immediately set out and bought ALL the lace I could find and set to sewing. Soon my apron projects were abandoned. 
The satisfaction of seeing something completed never gets old. I know that when I am done making it, I likely will not see that particular pattern again, and that brings a mixture of happiness and sadness with it. 
Vintage linens are fabulous. Once upon a time, the mills made some beautiful things. Its special to find one that has hung around for this long and to be able to bring something to it that will last. 

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  1. April, I love reading this!! Your tea towels are gorgeous and the fact they are made from vintage fabric makes them all the more unique and special. Thanks for sharing that. :)