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Monday, October 1, 2012

What is handmade really, if it really doesn't matter?

I don't know about y'all but every day I am plugging away, creating,taking pictures,listing, acquiring supplies....
I have invested every inch of my time and resource into selling and promoting my items on Etsy.
Right now I am feeling less than well..pleased. When the focus is shifting off the whole "your place to buy and sell handmade" and morphing into your place to buy and sell vintage and mass produced Chinese garbage, its easy to lose focus. 
Items like these have been the recent focus on the landing page. The one thing they have in common is they don't showcase handmade artists. This worries me on more than one level. If this is where they are headed- what about artists who truly put their heart and soul into producing quality handmade items? Where do they go to showcase their hard work? What happens to us as we are put on the back burner?  What do we as handmade artists do? 
If we have no where to focus and grow our businesses, what happens to us? What do we do to make a living? 

                                                         To this I can only say: 


  1. May I just say, that this is wonderful! I agree, Etsy is going to be a tough venue to continue selling handmade items made by an individual and not a machine somewhere.

  2. Well, the problem I have is that Etsy doesn't care. They only care about the money they rake in for each listing. They want to keep these successful sellers instead of letting them "graduate" because the sellers bring in so much money. What about us smaller ones who work just as hard trying to get found? Instead, we have an oversaturated jewelry and wedding category with cheap, obviously machine fabricated items. It is not handmade if you take a charm and put it on a chain necklace. I'm sorry.